Digital Xray

What is an X-Ray?

An X-Ray is a quick, non-invasive relatively harmless way to produce images of your body quickly. It is generally the starting point for diagnosing health issues.

How Do I Prepare for an X-Ray Exam?

No preparation is required prior to an X-Ray Exam.

What Should I Expect During My
X-Ray Exam?

Depending on the part of your body being examined, you may be asked to undress, remove all jewellery and wear a hospital gown. During the basic procedure:

  • The radiographer will instruct you in positioning for the x-ray. You may be asked to stand up, lie down or sit down.
  • The radiographer will place you between the x-ray machine and the imaging device that captures the x-rays being transmitted through that part of your body.
  • Two or three X-rays will be taken depending on the body part that is being viewed. You will be asked to remain as still as possible during the very short exposure time.
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What Happens After the X-Ray?

After the X-ray is complete you are free to leave and resume your normal activities.