About us

About Origin MRI

Headquartered in Houston, TX we provide leading imaging modalities in an outpatient setting for our patients.

The Latest Technologies

By offering the latest technologies and more imaging equipment than other imaging centers, we can help patients schedule appointments sooner with shorter wait times, and give physicians the opportunity to request same day add-ons.

About Origin MRI


Offering the latest radiology technology, physicians depend on Origin MRI & Diagnostics CT Scans (Computed Tomography Scans), MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), X-Ray Services, (EMG) Electromyography, and (NCV) Nerve Conduction Velocity.

Convenient Locations

With multiple facilities within the Houston region, we are conveniently located for patients in the Houston and surrounding areas.


We offer the experience, dedication and compassion necessary to provide truly exceptional health care services. Our board-certified radiologists with sub-specialty training have the experience required to interpret medical imaging studies. Patients and physicians alike can rely on our radiologists’ expertise.


Healthcare providers refer patients to Origin MRI & Diagnostics because they trust our interpretations. Our radiologists specialize in the detection of disease, illness and injury through medical imaging. Their detailed reports help healthcare providers create care plans that benefit their patients.

About Origin MRI

We are Houston's preferred provider of quality outpatient imaging. It’s a position we’ve worked hard to earn and have a strong responsibility to maintain. We measure quality across multiple standards. Ones that matter to our patients, area health professionals and our team.